Pet CPR & First Aid

Whether you are a hunter, a pet care professional, or a pet owner, you can't call 911 for a dog or cat medical emergency. What do you do? Learn the skills necessary to deal with a medical emergency yourself by taking a pet CPR/First Aid class! This class includes CPR, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Bleeding Protocols, Shock, Injury Assessments, and Weather-related Injuries. Includes a user-friendly manual and certificate. No need to bring pets to class. 

Sharolyn Sievert

Sharolyn is a member of the Central Lakes Search and Rescue, and has served many years in her community as a First Responder. She is an Adjunct Instructor with Vermilion Community College; an instructor for Search Management and Search and Rescue Skills; an instructor for First Aid and CPR for American Heart Association and the American Red Cross; and an instructor for Pet First Aid and CPR. 


  Sharolyn Sievert

Discovery Middle School : D200 Media Center
Saturday, Feb 22
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM


Min Age   14 yr.

Price: $ 64 00
Registration begins  
Dec. 3rd