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  • Exploring with Watercolor Techniques: Embracing Happy Accidents (Gr. 2-6)

    Alexandra Sletten loves to teach students the magic of watercolor painting! As an elementary art teacher it’s one of her favorite lessons. She believes the success of mastering this media lies in the art of learning to trust watercolor because it’s ultimately going to do what it wants to do. This is why she often call this lesson, “embracing happy accidents!” Students will first learn about and experiment in various watercolor techniques. Students will create a masterpiece using their newly learned techniques, drawing from observation. This will be a gridded painting, where students will draw what they see (still life) and then capture it in multitude of grids utilizing several of the learned techniques. These lessons teach students about the power of experimenting and playing with materials as they create a unique paintings. When they are displayed in your home, they are simply breathtaking!