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  • Summer Strength Academy (Gr. 9 - recent Alumni)

    Come be a part of the summer athletic enhancement program at the Alexandria Area High School Fitness and Performance Center! This multifaceted program combines research-based training methods to maximize an athlete’s potential and help minimize the risk of injuries using four of the five zones in the AAHS Fitness and Performance Center: Plyometric, Functional, Strength and Cardio zones. AAHS is able to offer training opportunities that go beyond that of a traditional weight room. Performance enhancing activities that include foot quickness, speed and agility training, vertical jump enhancing movements, functional strength movement patterns and a foundation of strength and power development. Designed to meet the needs of all athletes, regardless of age or experience level. Price includes t-shirt.This class includes the specific use of the Fitness and Performance Center four days per week; Mon-Tues & Thur-Fri. Athletes can come in as their schedule allows each day. Workouts take about 50-60 minutes. 
  • Summer Strength PLUS Speed Academy (Gr. 9 - recent Alumni)

    This advanced program includes everything the Summer Strength Academy offers, PLUS the opportunity to maximize speed and vertical jump development through a customized high speed treadmill program. Athletes will train in all five zones: Plyometric, Functional, Strength, Cardio and Speed zones. The Summer Strength Academy, in conjunction with the Summer Speed Treadmill training, has helped produce multiple MN State Champions as well as numerous All-State Athletes and State Tournament participants. Designed to meet the needs of all athletes, regardless of age or experience level. Speed training will take place two days each week using the Cardinal High Speed Treadmills and Hip-X Trainer. The first day of Summer Strength Academy training is June 10, athletes will need to sign up for specific treadmill training days and times (1 hr/15 min time slots) which starts June 17. Sign up is first come, first serve basis. Sessions will run two days per week beginning on June 17 on either a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule. Strength training time would be in addition to the treadmill training time.